Market driven innovation

Inventum HK1-10 range

In cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer and Inventum, this coffee pad machine is developed. Alpha-Beta accounted for the technical design, the patent completion, the engineering and the implementation of a new material (Corus Protact®).


Inventum HK5

After the introduction of the metal coffee pad machine the need for a plastic coffee pad machine existed. Alpha-Beta redesigned the technical inner system. This resulted into a common “building block”, with the advantage of scale and cost benefits. Although both appliances have a totally different appearance, the inner system is the same.


Inventum HK2

A standard coffee pad machine has usually a power of 1500W. For many camping sites this is too much. For this purpose an appliance is developed which uses only 800W. By using steam pressure, a pump could be avoided and a very compact appliance was possible. Alpha-Beta accounted for the technical concept, the patent completion and the supervision of the engineering.


The future

Alpha-Beta has invested a lot over the past years in the development of capsule based beverage machines. The systems for cooling and carbonating water, the preparation of sophisticated warm, cold and carbonated single serve beverages have been developed. It is expected in the near future those systems will enter the market.

Also Alpha-Beta is developing the field of eco design. The cradle to cradle concept gives a challenging ambition for new to develop products. In several areas Alpha-Beta is “seeding”. This should result in some new refreshing concepts and products in the field of eco design and cradle to cradle.

Philips Senseo 1

Still employed at Philips, as the project manager responsible for the final engineering and production start up in China. A very challenging project with finally stunning results.


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